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World Tourism Day

Date Pattern: Every September 27th

World Tourism Day: Celebrating the Power of Travel and ExplorationTraveling has been an integral part of human civilization since ancient times, providing individuals with the opportunity to explore and connect with different cultures and landscapes. It is a delightful experience that enlightens and broadens our horizons.

World Tourism Day, celebrated every year on September 27th, is an occasion to honor and encourage this transformative activity. In this article, we will delve into the purpose and significance of World Tourism Day and explore its annual themes throughout the years.

Additionally, we will uncover the fascinating history behind the establishment of this global celebration of travel and exploration. 1) World Tourism Day: Purpose and Significance

1.1 Tribute to the Power of Tourism

World Tourism Day is a tribute to the incredible impact that tourism has on individuals, communities, and economies worldwide.

Furthermore, it serves as a reminder of the unifying power of travel, allowing people from diverse backgrounds to come together and celebrate their shared humanity. 1.2 Annual Themes: Guiding Our Journey

Each year, World Tourism Day adopts a theme that highlights a specific aspect of the tourism industry.

This theme serves as a guiding principle, encouraging individuals and organizations to focus their efforts towards achieving a common objective. In 2019, the theme is “Tourism and Jobs: A Better Future for All.” This theme recognizes tourism’s potential in creating employment opportunities and fostering sustainable economic growth.

2) History of World Tourism Day

2.1 Origins and Development of Tourism

The roots of tourism can be traced back to ancient times. In the Shulgi period of ancient Mesopotamia, dating back to around 2100 BCE, people embarked on journeys for various purposes.

These journeys ranged from religious pilgrimages to trading expeditions. Similarly, Ancient China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) witnessed a vibrant tourism industry, with travelers visiting famous landmarks and scenic areas.

2.2 Establishment and Background of World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day was established by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 1980 to promote awareness about the tourism sector’s social, cultural, political, and economic impact. The UNWTO sought to create a platform to discuss tourism-related issues and to establish practical solutions to challenges facing the industry.

On September 27th, 1980, the first World Tourism Day was celebrated, marking the anniversary of the UNWTO’s adoption of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.


The celebration of World Tourism Day, driven by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, is a testament to the significance of travel and exploration in our lives. Each year, with a unique theme, this global event highlights the power of tourism to foster economic growth, create employment opportunities, and promote cultural exchange.

As we reflect on the history of tourism and the establishment of World Tourism Day, we are reminded of the transformative potential of travel. Let us join hands and celebrate this remarkable occasion, as we continue to explore, learn, and build connections with the world around us.

3) Celebration and Participation: Embracing the Spirit of World Tourism Day

3.1 Individual Celebration and Travel Planning

World Tourism Day is an excellent opportunity for individuals to celebrate their love for travel and explore new horizons. It is a day to dream, plan, and embark on exciting journeys that enrich our lives.

Many people choose to commemorate this special occasion by creating their “book of dreams,” a personalized travel bucket list that captures their aspirations and desired destinations. As individuals consider their travel plans, World Tourism Day provides an ideal starting point for research and inspiration.

It encourages travelers to explore diverse destinations, both near and far, and seek adventures that align with their interests and passions. Whether it’s a trek through the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia, a cultural immersion in the bustling streets of Tokyo, or a peaceful retreat on the pristine beaches of Bali, World Tourism Day ignites the wanderlust within us and motivates us to turn our dreams into reality.

3.2 Public Involvement and Awareness-Raising

Beyond individual celebrations, World Tourism Day also emphasizes the importance of community involvement and awareness-raising on a public level. It is an opportunity for tourist destinations to showcase their unique attractions, rich cultural heritage, and sustainable practices.

By actively participating in World Tourism Day, both travelers and residents can contribute to the preservation and promotion of these cherished places. One of the key aspects of public involvement is the commitment to protecting heritage and cultural sites.

These sites hold immense historical and cultural value and must be safeguarded for future generations. By raising awareness and advocating for responsible tourism practices, individuals can ensure the conservation of these invaluable assets.

Encouragingly, many countries have initiated programs and campaigns that aim to educate tourists about their cultural significance and promote respectful behavior when visiting these sites. In addition to protecting cultural heritage, active involvement in tourism can also contribute to improving the working conditions of those employed in the industry.

World Tourism Day provides an opportunity to shed light on this aspect and influence positive change. By supporting establishments that prioritize fair wages and employment rights, tourists can make a significant impact and contribute to the betterment of local communities.

This approach not only enhances the travel experience but also creates a lasting and meaningful connection between travelers and destinations. World Tourism Day also highlights the importance of exploring hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Beyond famous landmarks, there are countless awe-inspiring locations waiting to be discovered. By venturing beyond popular tourist destinations and exploring lesser-known regions, travelers can contribute to the economic development of these communities.

This diversification of tourism helps distribute the economic benefits more evenly and reduces the strain on heavily visited areas. Moreover, World Tourism Day places a special focus on sustainable tourism practices.

Promoting environmentally-friendly travel is integral to the long-term health and preservation of our planet. Through responsible choices such as reducing plastic waste, supporting eco-friendly accommodations, and engaging in sustainable activities, travelers can minimize their environmental impact and ensure a better future for the destinations they visit.

In conclusion, World Tourism Day is a celebration that encourages both individual and public participation. It inspires individuals to dream and plan their future travels, turning their aspirations into tangible experiences.

Furthermore, it raises awareness about responsible tourism practices, protection of cultural heritage, improvement of working conditions, and the importance of sustainable travel. By actively participating in this global celebration, individuals and communities can foster a meaningful connection with the world and contribute to its well-being.

Let us come together and embrace the spirit of World Tourism Day, creating a better future for all through the power of travel and exploration. In conclusion, World Tourism Day serves as a global celebration of the transformative power of travel and exploration.

It encourages individuals to embrace their wanderlust, plan their adventures, and turn their dreams into reality. This special day also highlights the importance of public involvement, raising awareness about responsible tourism practices, protecting cultural heritage, improving working conditions, and promoting sustainability.

By actively participating in World Tourism Day, we can contribute to a better future for all, fostering connections, preserving our planet, and creating meaningful experiences. Let us join hands and celebrate this remarkable occasion, as we continue to explore, learn, and build connections with the world around us.

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