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Reading Is Funny Day

Reading Is Funny Day

Purpose of Reading Is Funny Day

Reading Is Funny Day has a noble purpose – to encourage children to read while having fun. By promoting the idea that books can be funny and enjoyable, this day aims to ignite a love for reading in the hearts of young ones, ultimately leading to improved literacy rates.

Fun books for children, filled with laughter-inducing stories, captivating characters, and witty wordplay, are the key to unlocking the magical world of reading.

  • Picture books with comical illustrations and captivating wordplay act as a gateway to introducing young readers to the wonders of storytelling.
  • Humorous books nurture the imagination, boosting creativity and expanding vocabulary, as kids absorb new words amidst the giggles.
  • Storylines that make children laugh engage their attention span, ensuring they remain invested in the reading experience.
  • Funny books create a positive association with reading, transforming it from a chore into a delightful pastime.

History of Jokes and Joke Books

The art of humor dates back to ancient times. While the oldest written joke is said to be an ancient Sumerian proverb, humor has consistently evolved throughout history.

Jokes have the remarkable ability to transcend timelines, and humorists have always found a way to tickle the collective funny bone.

  • The ancient Greeks introduced jokes in their plays, adding a comedic touch to the world of theater.
  • In the fourth or fifth century AD, joke books started to appear, giving readers access to collections of humorous anecdotes and riddles.
  • Over the years, joke books have become an integral part of literary traditions, embraced by both children and adults worldwide.

Celebrating Reading Is Funny Day

Show Children How Fun Reading Can Be

To celebrate Reading Is Funny Day, we must showcase to children the marvels that await them within the pages of a book. By actively demonstrating the joy of reading, we empower young minds to embark on their own literary adventures.

  • Download riddles and funny jokes for children to solve, stimulating their critical thinking skills is a playful and engaging manner.
  • Plan a trip to the local library, where children can explore the range of humorous books available and discover new authors that tickle their funny bones.
  • Encourage children to make up funny stories, fostering their imagination and creative writing skills.

Ideas for Celebrating Reading Is Funny Day

On Reading Is Funny Day, the possibilities for celebration are endless. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Purchase children’s books that are renowned for their humor, such as ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ or ‘Captain Underpants,’ and share them with youngsters to ignite their laughter.
  • Organize a visit to the local library, where children can participate in reading circles or storytelling sessions, further inciting their enthusiasm for books.
  • Engage children in creating their own humorous stories or comics, encouraging them to express their unique sense of humor.


Reading Is Funny Day represents an opportunity to transform reading into an enjoyable experience. By embracing the power of humor woven into literature, we inspire young minds to embark on reading journeys that will enrich their lives.

Let us celebrate this special day by empowering children to discover the magic of storytelling, one chuckle at a time.

Funny Books for Kids

Book Recommendation – “I’m Bored” by Michael Ian Black

When it comes to funny books for kids, one name that stands out is Michael Ian Black. Known for his comedic prowess, Black has crafted a hilarious tale in his book “I’m Bored.” This delightful story takes readers on a journey filled with laughter, imagination, and unexpected friendships.

“I’m Bored” revolves around a young girl who finds herself bored and convinced that there is nothing interesting or exciting left in the world. That is until she encounters a talking potato who shares her sentiments of being unappreciated.

The dynamic between the girl and the potato sparks an outrageous conversation that leads them on an unpredictable adventure. With clever wordplay and unexpected twists, “I’m Bored” teaches children the importance of finding joy in unexpected places.

One of the strengths of “I’m Bored” lies in its ability to capture children’s attention with relatable themes. The feeling of boredom is universal, and many youngsters will identify with the protagonist’s initial struggle.

As they journey through the pages, they will realize that the unexpected encounters and excitement can be found even in the most mundane situations. Moreover, the book instills the valuable lesson that changing someone’s mind can lead to genuine connections and unforgettable adventures.

Book Recommendation – “Interrupting Chicken” by David Ezra Stein

David Ezra Stein’s “Interrupting Chicken” is a comedic gem that combines playful illustrations and interactive storytelling. This laugh-out-loud tale follows a little red chicken who just can’t help but interrupt her father’s bedtime stories.

Her unwavering eagerness to participate in the stories leads to hilarious interruptions and unexpected twists. The magic of “Interrupting Chicken” lies in its ability to bridge the gap between storytelling and the reader’s active participation.

As children listen or read along, they are invited to actively participate in the story, predicting and finishing sentences. This interactive element creates an engaging experience and encourages young readers to immerse themselves fully in the narrative.

In addition to its interactive nature, “Interrupting Chicken” also carries an important message of patience and respect. Through the comedic escapades of the little red chicken, children learn the importance of listening attentively and allowing others the space they need to tell their stories.

This humorous tale serves as a gentle reminder that interrupting can disrupt the flow of a story and hinder the chance for others to share their thoughts or experiences.

Books like “I’m Bored” and “Interrupting Chicken” are essential additions to any child’s reading collection.

But beyond just providing laughter, these stories serve a deeper purpose. By tickling children’s funny bones, they instill a love for reading and create positive associations with books.

Funny books expand children’s vocabulary, enhance their comprehension skills, and encourage independent thinking. Humor is a powerful tool that can unlock a world of joy and imagination.

It allows children to explore the boundaries of creativity while also honing their critical thinking skills. Funny books, with their clever wordplay and unexpected surprises, help children develop a deeper appreciation for language and storytelling.

By embracing humor, children discover that reading is not only educational but also a source of endless entertainment. In conclusion, funny books for kids open up a world of possibilities for young readers.

Authors like Michael Ian Black and David Ezra Stein have mastered the art of combining humor, imagination, and important life lessons seamlessly. Books such as “I’m Bored” and “Interrupting Chicken” not only entertain children but also inspire them to embrace the joy of reading.

So, dive into the world of funny books, where laughter and learning come hand in hand, and watch as young minds blossom into lifelong readers.

The celebration of Reading Is Funny Day seeks to encourage children to read and find joy in literature.

This article explored the purpose of the event, highlighting the importance of fun books to foster a love for reading. We also delved into the interesting history of joke books and the power of humor in engaging young minds.

Providing book recommendations like “I’m Bored” by Michael Ian Black and “Interrupting Chicken” by David Ezra Stein, the article showcased the value of funny books for children.

Ultimately, it reinforced the notion that humor has the ability to transform reading into an enjoyable and educational experience.

So, let us celebrate the magic of laughter and inspire children to explore the wonders of literature one funny page at a time.

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