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National Oreo Cookie Day

Date Pattern: Every March 6th

National Oreo Cookie Day: A Delicious CelebrationMarch 6th is a day that cookie lovers across the United States eagerly await National Oreo Cookie Day. On this special day, people from all walks of life come together to celebrate the iconic Oreo cookie, indulging in its sweet and creamy goodness.

In this article, we will explore the history of National Oreo Cookie Day and discover ways to celebrate this delectable occasion. So grab a glass of milk and get ready to dive into the world of Oreo cookies!

History of National Oreo Cookie Day

Invention of Oreo

The story of the Oreo begins in 1912 when the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) introduced this delicious treat to the world. The original Oreo biscuit featured two chocolate-flavored wafers with a sweet creme filling in between.

It was an instant hit, captivating the taste buds of cookie enthusiasts everywhere.

Name Changes of Oreo

Over the years, the Oreo cookie underwent a few name changes. Initially known as the “Oreo Biscuit,” the name was later changed to “Oreo Sandwich,” reflecting the iconic nature of the treat.

Eventually, it evolved into the “Oreo Creme Sandwich,” capturing the essence of the creamy goodness that lies within.

How to Celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day

Sharing Oreo Cookies

One of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day is by sharing a package of Oreo cookies with friends, family, or coworkers. Whether you choose classic Oreo cookies or one of their many delightful variations, such as Double Stuf or Golden Oreos, the act of sharing these delectable treats brings people together.

Don’t forget to have a glass of cold milk on hand, as it is the perfect accompaniment to dunk your Oreo cookies into!

Hosting an Oreo Cookie Day Tasting Party

For those looking to take their Oreo Cookie Day celebrations to the next level, hosting an Oreo cookie tasting party is a fantastic idea. Gather your friends and set up a tasting station with an array of different Oreo flavors.

From limited edition varieties like Red Velvet and S’mores to unique collaborations such as Oreo Thins Bites and Oreo Mint Chocolate Candy Bars, there is no shortage of flavors to tantalize your taste buds. Encourage your guests to score each flavor and vote for their favorites.

It’s a fun and interactive way to explore the wide world of Oreos!


In conclusion, National Oreo Cookie Day is a day dedicated to appreciating the history and deliciousness of the Oreo cookie. Whether you choose to simply enjoy a package of Oreo cookies with loved ones or host a tasting party to explore the various flavors, this special day is a perfect opportunity to indulge in the sweet nostalgia of this beloved treat.

So mark your calendars for March 6th and join the celebration of National Oreo Cookie Day a day filled with joy, laughter, and, of course, plenty of Oreo cookies!

Getting Creative with Oreo Cookies

Oreo-Inspired Dessert Recipes

Oreo cookies are not only delicious on their own but also make fantastic additions to various dessert recipes. If you’re feeling adventurous in the kitchen, here are a few creative Oreo-inspired recipes that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth:


Oreo Stuffed Brownies: Take your love for brownies to the next level by stuffing them with Oreo cookies. Simply pour half of your brownie batter into a greased baking pan, layer Oreo cookies on top, then pour the remaining batter on top.

Bake until the brownies are cooked through, and enjoy the heavenly combination of rich chocolate and creamy Oreo goodness. 2.

Oreo Milkshakes: Cool down on a hot summer’s day with a refreshing Oreo milkshake. Blend together vanilla ice cream, milk, and a handful of Oreo cookies until smooth.

Top it off with whipped cream and more crushed Oreo cookies for an extra indulgence. This creamy and cookies-and-cream concoction is a crowd-pleaser for all ages.

3. Oreo Rice Krispie Bars: Give the classic Rice Krispie treat a twist by adding crushed Oreo cookies to the mixture.

The combination of gooey marshmallows, crispy cereal, and chunks of Oreo cookies creates a delightful texture and flavor contrast that will have everyone reaching for seconds. 4.

Turtle Candy Dipped Oreo Cookies: Elevate your Oreo experience by dipping them in melted chocolate and topping them with caramel and pecans. Simply melt some chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl, dip each Oreo halfway into the chocolate, then sprinkle with chopped pecans and drizzle with caramel sauce.

Allow them to set before serving, and you’ll have a decadent treat reminiscent of turtle candies. These Oreo-inspired desserts are just a few examples of the countless possibilities when it comes to incorporating Oreo cookies into your baking adventures.

Get creative and experiment with different flavors and combinations to find your own delicious Oreo masterpiece.

Oreo Merchandise and Gifts

If you’re a true Oreo enthusiast, you’ll be thrilled to know that there’s a wide variety of Oreo merchandise and gifts available to showcase your love for this iconic cookie. Whether you’re looking for unique Oreo-themed items for yourself or the perfect present for a fellow Oreo fan, there’s something for everyone:


Oreo Gifts: From Oreo-themed clothing and accessories to kitchenware and home decor, there are plenty of gift options available online and in specialty stores. Consider gifting an Oreo-themed mug or a set of Oreo-shaped cookie cutters to someone who can’t get enough of this delicious treat.

2. Oreo Gear: Show off your love for Oreos with Oreo-branded items like t-shirts, hats, and backpacks.

These stylish and fun pieces of Oreo gear allow you to display your affection for the cookie while adding a touch of whimsy to your everyday style. 3.

Oreo Shaped Embossed Pillow: If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching addition to your home decor, an Oreo-shaped embossed pillow is a perfect choice. This fluffy and soft pillow, shaped like the iconic Oreo cookie, will bring a smile to your face every time you lay eyes on it.

Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, Oreo merchandise and gifts are a delightful way to express your love for these tasty cookies. From fashionable items to quirky decor, there’s no shortage of ways to incorporate Oreo into your everyday life.

Fun Facts About Oreo Cookies

Different Oreo Flavors and Global Reach

Did you know that Oreo cookies come in a wide range of flavors beyond the classic chocolate and creme combination? Oreo enthusiasts can indulge in flavors such as Mint, Peanut Butter, Golden, Red Velvet, and many more.

The company regularly releases new limited-edition flavors to keep fans excited and craving for more. What makes Oreo even more impressive is its global reach.

This iconic cookie is enjoyed in over 100 countries worldwide, delighting taste buds across cultures and continents. In fact, Oreo is so beloved that it has been adapted to suit the tastes of different countries.

Unique Oreo flavors like Matcha Green Tea in Japan and Dulce de Leche in Argentina demonstrate the brand’s commitment to satisfying diverse palates around the world.

Production and Taste Tests

The production of Oreo cookies is a remarkable feat. The staggering number of Oreo cookies made each year is truly mind-boggling.

It is estimated that over 40 billion Oreo cookies are produced annually, with each cookie made up of two wafers and a layer of creamy filling. Oreo’s popularity is not just based on marketing alone.

To ensure the cookies maintain their exceptional taste and quality, Oreo conducts rigorous taste tests. In fact, the largest taste test in Oreo history took place in 1983 with a staggering 1,471 participants.

These taste tests involve assessing factors such as flavor, texture, and overall satisfaction to guarantee that each Oreo cookie lives up to the company’s high standards. Fun facts like these add an extra layer of appreciation for the beloved Oreo cookie.

From its global presence to the meticulous production process, it’s clear that Oreo is much more than just a tasty treat. In conclusion, Oreo cookies are a delightfully versatile snack that can be enjoyed in various ways.

Whether you’re exploring Oreo-inspired dessert recipes, showcasing your love for Oreos with merchandise and gifts, or discovering interesting facts about the brand, there’s always something new to learn and appreciate. So go ahead, celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day by indulging in a world of deliciousness and embracing the joy that Oreo brings to all who taste its iconic flavor.

Pass Out Oreo Cookies to Friends

Gifting Oreo Cookies on National Oreo Cookie Day

National Oreo Cookie Day is the perfect occasion to spread some joy by gifting Oreo cookies to your friends, loved ones, or even coworkers. The act of sharing these tasty treats can bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Here are a few ideas on how to make your Oreo cookie gifts extra special:

1. Individually Wrapped Oreos: To make your Oreo cookie gifts more presentable and convenient, consider individually wrapping each cookie before gifting them.

You can find clear treat bags or cookie wrappers at your local craft store or online. Place an Oreo cookie in each wrapper, tie with a colorful ribbon, and you’ll have a delightful and personalized gift ready to go.

2. Gift Tag: Add a personal touch to your Oreo cookie gifts by attaching a small note or gift tag.

Write a heartfelt message, a fun Oreo-themed pun, or even a playful poem about how much you appreciate the recipient. This simple gesture adds a touch of thoughtfulness and shows that you put effort into making the gift extra special.

Sharing Treats with Others

On National Oreo Cookie Day, it’s not only about indulging in Oreo cookies yourself but also about sharing the joy with others. Here are a few ideas to spread the Oreo love:


Students: If you’re a student, surprise your classmates by bringing a bag of Oreo cookies to share during a class break. Whether you’re studying together or simply enjoying a snack, the presence of Oreo cookies is sure to make the atmosphere more enjoyable.

2. Teachers: Show your appreciation to your favorite teacher by gifting them a pack of Oreo cookies.

Teachers work hard to educate and inspire, and a small gesture like this can go a long way in showing your gratitude. Attach a note expressing your thanks for their dedication and enjoy seeing their face light up with a smile.

3. Neighbors: Strengthen the bond with your neighbors by sharing Oreo cookies with them.

Bake a batch of homemade Oreo cookies or simply put together a treat bag filled with regular or flavored Oreos. Deliver them to your neighbors’ doors, and you’ll not only share the sweetness of Oreo cookies but also create a sense of community and friendship.

By passing out Oreo cookies to friends, you’ll spread the joy of National Oreo Cookie Day and create lasting memories with those you care about.

Enjoy a National Oreo Cookie Day Playlist

Cookie-Themed Songs for National Oreo Cookie Day

What better way to celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day than by enjoying a specially curated playlist of cookie-themed songs? Here are a few songs that will get you in the mood for a delicious Oreo-filled day:


Oreo Cookie Blues by Lonnie Mack: This bluesy tune perfectly captures the essence of Oreo cookies with its catchy lyrics and toe-tapping rhythm. Let the smooth guitar licks and soulful vocals set the mood as you savor your Oreo treats.

2. “C” is for Cookie by Cookie Monster: From the classic children’s show Sesame Street, this iconic song reminds us of the joy and excitement that cookies bring.

Sing along with Cookie Monster and embrace the lightheartedness and fun of National Oreo Cookie Day. 3.

Cookie Jar by Gym Class Heroes ft. The-Dream: This upbeat hip-hop track incorporates clever lyrics about indulging in cookies.

With its infectious energy, it’s the perfect song to dance to while enjoying your Oreo cookies. 4.

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?: A timeless childhood game, this catchy nursery rhyme is sure to bring back fond memories. Sing along and playfully accuse your friends and family of “stealing” your Oreo cookies.

Create a playlist of these songs and more to enhance your National Oreo Cookie Day celebrations. Let the music set the mood as you enjoy your favorite Oreo flavors and make lasting memories with family and friends.

In conclusion, National Oreo Cookie Day is not just about indulging in delicious cookies but also about spreading joy, showing appreciation, and celebrating with loved ones. Whether you choose to pass out Oreo cookies to friends, share treats with students or teachers, or enjoy a cookie-themed playlist, make this day a memorable one.

Embrace the spirit of National Oreo Cookie Day and let the joy of Oreo cookies bring smiles to all who partake in their delightful sweetness. In conclusion, National Oreo Cookie Day is a time to celebrate the beloved Oreo cookie and all its deliciousness.

From exploring the history of Oreo to getting creative with Oreo-inspired recipes, sharing treats with others, enjoying a curated playlist, and gifting Oreo cookies, there are endless ways to embrace the joy and nostalgia that Oreo brings. Whether you’re indulging in classic flavors or discovering new ones, National Oreo Cookie Day allows us to appreciate the simple pleasure of these iconic cookies.

So go ahead, pass out Oreo cookies, enjoy the music, and savor the sweetness with friends and loved ones. Let National Oreo Cookie Day be a reminder to share a moment of happiness and connect through the universal love for a simple, yet extraordinary cookie.

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