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National Handmade Day

Date Pattern: First Saturday in April

National Handmade Day: Celebrating Artistry and Supporting Local Businesses

From intricate handmade crafts to stunning works of art, National Handmade Day gives us an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and value of handmade items. This special day, celebrated on April 7th of each year, not only honors the rich history of craftsmanship but also encourages us to support local businesses and artists.

In this article, we will explore the history and significance of National Handmade Day, as well as provide exciting ways to celebrate and participate in this annual celebration.

History of National Handmade Day

The roots of National Handmade Day can be traced back to the Arts and Crafts movement that emerged during the Industrial Revolution. This movement celebrated the skills of traditional artisans and advocated for the preservation of craftsmanship in a world increasingly dominated by mass production.

Today, National Handmade Day continues the legacy of this movement by reminding us of the importance of supporting local businesses and artists. By embracing handmade products, we contribute to the revival of cottage industries and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Celebration and Popularity of National Handmade Day

National Handmade Day, suggested by Amy Bierstedt and officially celebrated on April 7th, 2018, has gained rapid popularity. This growing national event garners support from local shops, as well as national companies, who understand the significance of supporting local artisans and the economic impact of these businesses.

The increase in awareness and appreciation for handmade items has sparked interest and encouraged consumers to seek out unique, one-of-a-kind products.

Ways to Celebrate National Handmade Day

Appreciating Handmade Art

A great way to celebrate National Handmade Day is by attending a craft fair or visiting an artist’s workshop. These events offer a treasure trove of handmade crafts and allow you to witness the creative process firsthand.

Another option is to explore local art museums that showcase masterpieces crafted by artisans through the ages. By immersing ourselves in the world of handmade art, we gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the skill, time, and passion poured into these works.

Buying Local Handmade Items

Choosing to support local businesses by purchasing handmade or handcrafted items is not only a gift to yourself but also a gift to the local community. By buying handmade, we foster sustainability and reduce our dependence on mass-produced goods.

Small business owners, often the creators themselves, pour their heart and soul into their craft, ensuring each item is of the highest quality. Whether it’s clothing, home decor, or jewelry, every purchase from a local artisan supports their dreams and livelihood.

Learning a Handmade Craft

National Handmade Day is an ideal time to dive into the world of craft making. Consider attending a class or workshop to learn a specific craft of interest.

From pottery to knitting, jewelry making to woodworking, there is a craft for everyone to explore. For those who prefer a more flexible approach, tutorial videos and online resources allow individuals to teach themselves a new craft at their own pace.

Not only will you gain new skills, but you’ll also experience the joy of creating something by hand and appreciating the labor behind handmade items.


As National Handmade Day approaches, take the opportunity to celebrate and support the artisans and businesses that enrich our lives with their creativity and skill.

Whether by attending art events, purchasing handmade products, or immersing yourself in a new craft, you contribute to the revival of craftsmanship and the preservation of cultural heritage. Embrace the uniqueness and value of handmade items, and let National Handmade Day be a yearly reminder to appreciate the artistry that surrounds us.

Remember, supporting local businesses and artists not only enhances our communities but also encourages a more sustainable and conscious approach to consumerism. So, mark your calendar and join the celebration of National Handmade Day, where creativity, skill, and appreciation intertwine to form a day of artful devotion.

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