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National Gorilla Suit Day

Date Pattern: Every January 31st

Title: National Gorilla Suit Day: Celebrating a Quirky TraditionUnleash Your Inner Primate on National Gorilla Suit Day

Every year on January 31st, people across the globe don their furry, primate-inspired attire to celebrate the offbeat and whimsical National Gorilla Suit Day. This peculiar occasion, born out of comic strip hilarity, has gained a dedicated following and has become a cherished tradition for many.

In this article, we will delve into the history of National Gorilla Suit Day, exploring its origins and examining the ways in which people celebrate this zany holiday. From wearing gorilla suits to relishing in the pages of Mad Magazine, get ready to embrace the playful absurdity of this unique celebration.

History of National Gorilla Suit Day

Creation of National Gorilla Suit Day

In 1963, the iconic comic strip artist Don Martin introduced the world to National Gorilla Suit Day through his work in Mad Magazine. Martin’s slapstick humor and irreverent style brought to life the mischievous adventures of a gorilla-clad character on this peculiar holiday.

The first edition of the comic strip depicted a man donning a gorilla suit and proclaiming January 31st as National Gorilla Suit Day. The absurdity of the concept captured readers’ imaginations and laid the foundation for a new, laughter-filled celebration.

Celebration and popularity of National Gorilla Suit Day

Mad Magazine’s readership embraced National Gorilla Suit Day with unrivaled enthusiasm. The idea of dressing up as gorillas for a day resonated with the fans, and the occasion quickly garnered a devoted following.

The playful spirit of the holiday, coupled with the humor and satire that Mad Magazine was known for, drove its popularity in subsequent years. Fans eagerly awaited the arrival of each National Gorilla Suit Day, ready to unleash their inner primates and indulge in the hilarity and absurdity that ensued.

How to Celebrate National Gorilla Suit Day

Wearing a gorilla suit

The primary way to celebrate National Gorilla Suit Day is, of course, by donning a gorilla suit. This whimsical act allows individuals to embrace their silly side while immersing themselves in the celebration.

However, before embarking on this furry adventure, it’s essential to ensure that workplace dress codes and social contexts permit such attire. Additionally, wearing a gorilla suit can lead to unexpected surprises, from scaring a spouse to encountering curious onlookers.

Reserve suit-wearing for appropriate settings to avoid any complications, but rest assured that fun and laughter are guaranteed.

Reading Mad Magazines

National Gorilla Suit Day and Mad Magazine go hand in hand, making it the perfect opportunity to revisit the timeless humor and satire that has defined the publication. Dig through comic book collections, visit antique stores, or explore auction sites to hunt for vintage issues of Mad Magazine that feature National Gorilla Suit Day or Don Martin’s iconic artwork.

Immerse yourself in Mad Magazine’s brand of irreverence and let the laughter flow. From the clever satire to the cultural commentary, these treasured magazines are a treasure trove of humor.

Watching movies featuring gorilla suits

To truly embrace the delightful presence of gorilla suits, indulging in movies that feature these peculiar costumes is a must. Dive into the strange and entertaining world of cinema, where gorilla suits have become iconic symbols of hilarity.

From classic comedies to cult favorites, these films keep the spirit of National Gorilla Suit Day alive year-round. Let the light-hearted escapades transport you to a place where laughter reigns, and the sight of a gorilla suit triggers a smile.


In conclusion, National Gorilla Suit Day is a playful and offbeat celebration rooted in comic strip history. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the unique joy it brings to individuals across the world.

So, come January 31st, don your gorilla suit, immerse yourself in the pages of Mad Magazine, and revel in the whimsical hilarity of National Gorilla Suit Day. Let your inner primate run wild and embrace the ludicrousness of this truly one-of-a-kind holiday.

In summary, National Gorilla Suit Day is a lighthearted and whimsical celebration that originated from Don Martin’s comic strip in Mad Magazine. This annual event has gained popularity and become a cherished tradition for enthusiasts worldwide.

Celebrating this unique occasion involves wearing gorilla suits, relishing in the pages of Mad Magazine, and enjoying movies featuring these iconic costumes. National Gorilla Suit Day allows us to embrace our silly and playful side, reminding us of the importance of laughter and lightheartedness in our lives.

So, on January 31st, let’s unleash our inner primates and join in the joyous celebration of National Gorilla Suit Day.

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