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National Educational Support Professionals Day

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Wednesday during American Educational Week

Education Support Professionals: The Unsung Heroes of Public Education

In the bustling world of public education, there is a group of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to support teachers, students, and the entire school community. These unsung heroes are the Education Support Professionals (ESPs).

They play a vital role in our schools, ensuring that our children receive the best possible education. Today, we will explore the invaluable contributions of ESPs, their history and origins, and the importance of recognizing their efforts through National Education Support Personnel Day (NEA).

Education Support Professionals

Education Support Professionals, often referred to as ESPs, are the backbone of our educational system. They encompass a diverse range of roles, including paraprofessionals, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians, and office staff.

These professionals provide essential services that directly contribute to the smooth functioning of schools. They create safe and clean learning environments, offer instructional support, and foster positive relationships with students and their families.

ESPs go above and beyond their job descriptions, bringing dedication and passion to their work each day. They assist teachers in the classroom, offering individualized attention to students who may require additional support.

Their commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere helps create an optimal learning environment for all students.

Contributions to Public Education

The contributions of ESPs to public education are immeasurable. They not only ensure the welfare and safety of students but also provide valuable support to teachers.

They help teachers manage classroom activities, allowing them to focus on delivering quality education. ESPs possess unique skills and perspectives that enrich the learning experience for students, and their dedication is commendable.

To recognize the exceptional efforts of ESPs, the National Education Association (NEA) designated the first Wednesday in November as National Education Support Personnel Day. This special day serves as an opportunity to show gratitude and appreciation for their hard work and commitment to public education.

It is a time to highlight their invaluable contributions and to ensure that they receive the recognition they deserve.

History and Origins

The history of recognizing ESPs traces back to the NEA Representative Assembly, where delegates passed a resolution in 1987 to create a national day of appreciation for education support personnel. This resolution aimed to honor the dedication of ESPs and raise awareness of their significant contributions to public education.

Thus, National Education Support Personnel Day was born. Ever since its inception, National Education Support Personnel Day has become an annual celebration and a platform to acknowledge the tireless efforts of ESPs. It shines a light on their unwavering commitment and the positive impact they have on the lives of students and the broader community.

Name Change and NEAToday

In recent years, there has been a movement to rebrand Education Support Professionals to better reflect their importance and role in education. The name change emphasizes the professionalism and expertise that ESPs bring to their positions.

This change not only recognizes their vital contributions but also highlights the need for continued support and investment in ESPs to enhance the quality of public education. NEAToday, the flagship publication of the NEA, has been at the forefront of advocating for ESPs and highlighting their stories.

Through in-depth articles and engaging content, NEAToday has played a vital role in increasing awareness about the significant contributions of ESPs. By sharing the triumphs and challenges faced by ESPs, NEAToday empowers these professionals and creates a platform to celebrate their accomplishments.


The role of Education Support Professionals in public education is indispensable. Their dedication, care, and support have a profound impact on students’ lives, transforming the educational experience for the better.

It is essential to recognize and appreciate their contributions, not only on National Education Support Personnel Day but every day. Next time you walk into a school, take a moment to acknowledge the Education Support Professionals who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

They serve as the pillars of our education system, and their efforts deserve our utmost respect and gratitude. Let us honor them for their unwavering commitment to public education and for being the unsung heroes who shape the future of our children.

Work hours, Student safety, Recognition, Hard work, Services

Education Support Professionals (ESPs) are known for their immense dedication and hard work, often going above and beyond their regular work hours to ensure the safety and well-being of students. They arrive early and leave late, ensuring that schools are prepared to welcome students each day.

ESPs coordinate bus schedules and maintain cleanliness and security throughout the school premises, guaranteeing a safe learning environment for all. Despite their critical role in public education, ESPs often work behind the scenes, receiving less recognition than teachers.

It is essential to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Recognizing ESPs not only boosts their morale but also underscores the importance of the services they provide.

By celebrating their contributions on National Education Support Personnel Day, we uplift and honor these unsung heroes.

Contributions, NEA survey results, ESP members, Expenses, Classroom supplies, Field trips

Through a recent survey conducted by the National Education Association (NEA), the indispensable contributions of Education Support Professionals (ESPs) have been brought to the forefront.

The survey revealed that ESP members play an integral part in classroom activities, with 84% of respondents reporting that they provide instructional support to students. Beyond their instructional roles, ESPs also incur personal expenses to ensure that students have the necessary resources.

The survey results highlighted that 70% of ESPs purchase classroom supplies out of their own pocket, a testament to their commitment to student success. Additionally, 52% of ESPs contribute financially to support field trips, enabling students to gain hands-on experiences that enhance their learning.

These survey findings emphasize the immense dedication and selflessness of ESPs. They go above and beyond their duties, forging connections with students and actively contributing to their education.

Proclamation, Request, Elected officials

To bolster the recognition and support for Education Support Professionals (ESPs), the NEA encourages individuals and organizations to request proclamations from elected officials in honor of National Education Support Personnel Day.

By engaging elected officials, we can collectively raise awareness about the invaluable contributions of ESPs and advocate for the resources they need to succeed. A proclamation serves as an official announcement or statement that highlights the significance of National Education Support Personnel Day and acknowledges the efforts of ESPs. It not only acknowledges their hard work but also encourages the public to appreciate and thank ESPs for their dedication to public education.

Social media, #EducationSupportProfessionalsDay, Newspaper, Radio, TV, Letters

In the digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for spreading messages and raising awareness. To celebrate and honor Education Support Professionals (ESPs) on National Education Support Personnel Day, individuals and organizations can utilize social media platforms by using the hashtag #EducationSupportProfessionalsDay.

This will help create a digital space where people can share stories, express gratitude, and recognize the contributions of ESPs.

Traditional media outlets, such as newspapers, radio, and television, also play a vital role in reaching a wider audience. Local newspapers can publish articles highlighting the important work of ESPs, while radio and television stations can air interviews or special segments featuring ESPs and their stories.

These media channels act as valuable platforms to inform and inspire the community. In addition to social media and traditional media, personalized letters expressing gratitude can be sent to ESPs. A heartfelt letter can go a long way in conveying appreciation for their hard work and contributions to public education.

Such letters can also serve as a meaningful keepsake for ESPs, reminding them of the positive impact they have on students’ lives.


Education Support Professionals (ESPs) are the unsung heroes of public education, playing a vital role in creating safe and nurturing learning environments. Their hard work, dedication, and contributions deserve recognition and appreciation.

As we celebrate National Education Support Personnel Day, let us utilize various platforms, such as social media, traditional media, and personal letters, to amplify their remarkable stories and express our gratitude. By coming together to honor and support ESPs, we can build a stronger educational system that benefits students, teachers, and the wider community.

Celebrating and supporting Education Support Professionals (ESPs) goes beyond simply recognizing their contributions on National Education Support Personnel Day. It involves ongoing efforts to show gratitude and provide the necessary support they need throughout the year.

One way to celebrate ESPs is by organizing events or gatherings that bring the school community together. These celebrations can include speeches or presentations highlighting the essential role ESPs play in the educational system.

It is an opportunity to express appreciation for their dedication and hard work, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among all staff members. Moreover, creating mentorship programs allows experienced ESPs to provide guidance and support to newcomers.

This helps to foster professional growth, build camaraderie, and establish a network of support within the school community. Recognizing and celebrating ESPs not only boosts morale but also creates a positive work environment that benefits everyone involved, ultimately enhancing the educational experience for students.

Expressing appreciation for Education Support Professionals (ESPs) can be as simple as a heartfelt thank you. Taking the time to write personalized thank you cards to ESPs can make a significant impact on their morale and sense of value.

These cards could include specific examples of their contributions and praise for their dedication. It is important to be specific to demonstrate genuine appreciation and to acknowledge their unique skills and efforts.

Another way to show appreciation is by presenting gift cards. ESPs often spend their own money on classroom supplies or go the extra mile to create enriching experiences for students.

Gift cards can help alleviate some of their personal expenses and show that their efforts are valued. Whether it is for a local bookstore, office supply store, or even a spa day, gift cards can be a meaningful token of appreciation for their hard work.

Additionally, organizing events specifically dedicated to appreciating ESPs can further reinforce their contributions. These events can include award ceremonies, where outstanding ESPs are recognized for their exceptional work.

These awards could be accompanied by financial bonuses or other incentives to demonstrate the value placed on their efforts. Publicly acknowledging ESPs through school newsletters, social media posts, or bulletin board displays is another way to show appreciation.

Sharing stories of their hard work and dedication not only highlights their contributions but also encourages others to join in celebrating their important role in the school community.


Education Support Professionals (ESPs) are deserving of celebration and support throughout the year. By organizing events, writing thank you cards, presenting gift cards, and publicly expressing appreciation, we can show our gratitude for their tireless efforts.

The celebrations and gestures of appreciation not only boost the morale of ESPs but also foster a greater sense of community within schools. Let us continue to celebrate and support our ESPs, recognizing the significant impact they have on students, teachers, and the entire educational system.

Education Support Professionals (ESPs) are the unsung heroes of public education, playing a crucial role in creating safe and nurturing learning environments. Their hard work, dedication, and contributions deserve recognition and support, not just on National Education Support Personnel Day, but throughout the year.

ESPs provide essential services, contribute financially, and go above and beyond to ensure students have the resources they need. By celebrating and appreciating ESPs through events, thank you cards, gift cards, and public recognition, we can create a positive work environment that benefits the entire school community.

Let us continue to honor and support ESPs, acknowledging the profound impact they have on shaping the future of our children and the success of public education. Together, we can elevate and celebrate the extraordinary work of ESPs in our schools.

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