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National Dry Shampoo Day

Date Pattern: Second Sunday in March

Title: National Dry Shampoo Day: Celebrating a Refreshing Hair Care InnovationDry shampoo has become an essential product in the hair care routines of many individuals, allowing them to refresh their locks without the need for water. It is a convenient and time-saving solution that has gained popularity over the years.

In honor of this versatile hair care staple, National Dry Shampoo Day was established. This article delves into the fascinating history of dry shampoo, the role of Klorane in its development, and the significance of their annual celebration.

National Dry Shampoo Day

History of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo dates back centuries, long before modern conveniences like the shower were readily available. In the 15th century, people used various concoctions to freshen their hair, such as clay mixed with scented herbs and sandalwood powder.

These powders acted as a refresher, removing excess oil and giving their hair a clean appearance. Fast forward to the 17th and 18th centuries, where Europeans, particularly those wearing wigs, sought innovative solutions to maintain their hairpieces.

Starches such as rice, potatoes, and corn were often used to absorb grease and odors, ensuring the longevity of these fashionable accessories. Klorane’s Involvement

In the 1940s, dry shampoo began to make its way into mainstream culture.

Klorane, a renowned European botanical beauty brand, played a significant role in introducing commercial dry shampoo to the market. This family-owned company recognized the changing hair care needs of individuals, paving the way for its current status as a dry shampoo authority.

Fast forward to 2017, Klorane established National Dry Shampoo Day to celebrate this hair care innovation. With its extensive expertise in botanical beauty, the brand developed a revolutionary dry shampoo collection that caters to different hair types.

Their meticulously crafted formulas have become the secret weapon of those seeking quick hair refreshment between showers. Klorane’s History and Founding

Founding of Klorane

Klorane was founded over 50 years ago in the enchanting Southwest of France by a young pharmacist named Pierre Fabre. Inspired by his passion for botany and his desire to develop products that combine natural ingredients with scientific expertise, Fabre created a range of botanical beauty care.

Klorane’s commitment to eco-friendly practices is evident in their cultivation of plants through sustainable and responsible methods. By working closely with farmers, they ensure the preservation and regeneration of precious botanical resources.

#DryShampooAuthority Campaign

To commemorate National Dry Shampoo Day, Klorane launched an exciting campaign showcasing their strong presence and innovative approach to dry shampoo. As the #DryShampooAuthority, the brand invites hair enthusiasts to join the celebration and become part of a community that embraces this time-saving beauty hack.

Through their campaign, Klorane highlights the transformative power of dry shampoo as an essential hair care tool. By offering a diverse collection of dry shampoo formulas, tailored to specific hair types and concerns, the brand has solidified its reputation as a leader in the industry.


In celebrating National Dry Shampoo Day, we honor a hair care innovation that has revolutionized the way we refresh our locks. Dry shampoo’s intriguing history intertwines with Klorane’s founding principles and their commitment to botanical beauty care.

As we continue to embrace the convenience and effectiveness of this product, let us appreciate the relentless pursuit of innovation that Klorane embodies. Happy National Dry Shampoo Day!

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How to Celebrate National Dry Shampoo Day

Styling Tips and Product Research

Celebrate National Dry Shampoo Day by exploring different ways to incorporate this time-saving and versatile product into your everyday routine. Whether you’re a dry shampoo aficionado or new to the trend, here are some styling tips and product research insights to make the most out of this beloved hair care essential.

When it comes to dry shampoo, application is key. Start by shaking the product well and holding it a few inches away from your roots.

Gently spray the dry shampoo onto your hair, focusing on the oilier areas. If you’re using a powder formula, use your fingers or a clean makeup brush to apply it evenly at the roots.

For those who prefer natural ingredients, a quick online search will reveal a wide array of dry shampoos formulated with plant-based and eco-friendly ingredients. Look for products that use ingredients like rice starch, oatmeal, or tapioca to absorb excess oil without leaving a heavy residue.

These natural powders and sprays provide a fresh and clean sensation, perfect for breathing new life into your hair between washes. Experimenting with different dry shampoo formulas is crucial in finding the best product for your hair type.

While some may prefer powders for their ability to soak up oil effectively, others might find sprays more convenient. Pay attention to how each formula feels on your hair and scalp, and consider any specific concerns you may have, such as sensitive skin or color-treated hair.

Reading reviews or consulting with hair care professionals can also help guide your product research.

Proper Use and Maintenance of Dry Shampoo

To ensure optimal results when using dry shampoo, it’s essential to follow proper application techniques and know how to maintain your hair in between washes. Here are some tips to help you make the most of this beloved hair care product:

When using a dry shampoo powder, apply it to dry hair.

This ensures that the powder can effectively absorb excess oil without clumping or creating a pasty residue. If you apply it to damp or wet hair, the powder may not distribute evenly and may be challenging to wash out.

Once you’ve applied the dry shampoo, wait a few minutes to allow it to work its magic. During this time, the product absorbs the oil, giving your hair a fresher appearance.

Afterward, use a clean and dry towel to gently rub your hair, removing any excess powder. It’s important to note that while dry shampoos can be a great solution for extending the time between washes, they should not replace regular washing entirely.

Overusing dry shampoo without proper cleansing can lead to product build-up, which may weigh down your hair and cause scalp issues. Aim to wash your hair thoroughly with water and shampoo every few days to prevent any potential buildup.

For those with colored hair, it’s crucial to choose a dry shampoo specifically formulated for this hair type. These dry shampoos are often designed to be color-safe and help preserve the vibrancy of your dyed locks.

Be mindful of any tint that the dry shampoo may have, as some colored formulas can transfer onto clothing or pillowcases if not properly absorbed. Remember, dry shampoo isn’t just for refreshing your roots between washes.

It can also be used as a styling aid to add volume and texture to your hair. Simply spray or apply it to the roots, and then tousle or tease your hair for an instant lift.

Dry shampoo can be a wonderful tool for achieving effortless and beachy waves, leaving your hair looking effortlessly chic.


National Dry Shampoo Day provides an opportunity to explore the countless benefits of this innovative hair care product. By following proper application techniques and researching the best dry shampoo for your hair type and preferences, you can celebrate this day by embracing the convenience and versatility of dry shampoo.

With the right knowledge and experimentation, you can truly make the most out of this essential hairstyling tool. National Dry Shampoo Day highlights the rich history and significance of this time-saving hair care innovation.

From its humble beginnings with clay and starches to Klorane’s pivotal role in bringing dry shampoo into the mainstream, this day is a celebration of convenience and style. By exploring styling tips, researching the best dry shampoo for individual needs, and mastering proper use and maintenance, we can fully embrace the versatility of dry shampoo.

Let’s continue to appreciate the transformative power of this essential hair care tool and make the most out of National Dry Shampoo Day a reminder of how innovation and botanical beauty can revolutionize our daily routines.

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