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International Town Criers Day

Date Pattern: Second Monday of July

Town Criers: Guardians of Public Communication in History and Beyond

From the bustling streets of ancient civilizations to the grand palaces of ruling classes, town criers have played a vital role in disseminating news and information. Their commanding presence, booming voices, and important proclamations have captivated the attention of urban dwellers throughout history.

In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of town criers, exploring their significance in the past and their celebration on International Town Criers Day.

History and Role of Town Criers

Importance of town criers in olden times

In the era before the advent of mass media and technology, town criers were instrumental in bringing news and events to the people. In cities and towns, where urban living was evolving, the role of town criers became even more pronounced.

Illiteracy was prevalent, making it necessary to have a messenger who could relay crucial information to the masses. From announcements of royal decrees to public gatherings and celebrations, town criers bridged the gap between ruling classes and the common people, ensuring that everyone was aware of the latest news and events.

Qualifications required for town criers

Being a town crier demanded more than just a loud voice. Along with the ability to capture the attention of a crowd, town criers needed to possess knowledge and literacy skills to accurately convey messages.

They were expected to master the art of public speaking, artfully communicating the content of the proclamation while maintaining clarity and persuasiveness. The prestigious position of a town crier was only bestowed upon those deemed worthy of the role, requiring candidates to undergo meticulous selection processes to ensure their suitability for the task.

International Town Criers Day

Origin and celebration of International Town Criers Day

International Town Criers Day traces its roots back to the ancient tradition of bellmen, who were appointed to cry out proclamations in Britain and North America. The exact founding of this day remains unclear, but historical records show the recognition of town criers and their contributions.

Today, International Town Criers Day serves as a celebration of this grand tradition and the individuals who have carried it forward with pride.

Date and significance of International Town Criers Day

International Town Criers Day is observed on the Monday in early July. This carefully chosen date aims to capture the essence of traditional folklore and the historical importance of town criers.

It serves as a reminder of the power of oral communication, even in the fast-paced digital age. By commemorating this day, communities around the world pay homage to the strong bonds town criers have fostered between rulers and the ruled.


Through the ages, town criers have upheld the essential role of public communication, enlightening society about important news and events. Their commanding presence and compelling voices left an indelible mark on the communities they served.

On International Town Criers Day, we honor these unsung heroes and reflect on the significance of maintaining public awareness in an ever-evolving world. Let us appreciate the profound legacy of town criers and their enduring dedication to keeping us informed.

How to Celebrate International Town Criers Day

On International Town Criers Day, enthusiasts and communities alike come together to celebrate the timeless tradition of town crying. This section explores some exciting ways to honor this day, encouraging individuals to step into the shoes of town criers and engage in activities that connect them to this historical practice.

Trying out the role of a town crier

One of the most thrilling ways to celebrate International Town Criers Day is by dressing up and embracing the role of a town crier. Donning a top hat, traditional garb, and a proud stance, individuals can experience the anticipation and excitement that town criers felt as they prepared to deliver important news to the public.

To make the experience more authentic, try creating an official-looking scroll with a proclamation or piece of news written on it. As you step outside, find a bustling street or a neighborhood gathering and boldly proclaim the news aloud, captivating the attention of those around you.

This immersive experience will allow you to connect with the vibrant history and significance of town criers.

Arranging visits and activities related to town criers

  • Schools and educational institutions can play a significant role in commemorating International Town Criers Day by organizing visits from town criers. Inviting a town crier to share their experiences and insights with students can provide a valuable learning opportunity, offering a glimpse into the past and fostering a deeper appreciation for oral communication traditions.
  • During these visits, town criers can entertain students with anecdotes and historical stories, providing a unique perspective on how news was disseminated before modern technology. To further engage students, consider organizing interactive activities where they can actively participate in traditional town crier performances.
  • Encourage them to create and deliver their own proclamations, sparking their imagination and instilling a sense of pride in their ability to communicate effectively.
  • Another exciting way to make International Town Criers Day memorable is by arranging competitions centered around town crying. These competitions can involve individuals of all ages, from kids to adults, encouraging them to showcase their public speaking skills and vocal prowess.
  • Participants can compete to deliver proclamations in various categories, such as most eloquent speech, most captivating delivery, or strongest voice projection. By organizing such events, communities can celebrate the enduring legacy of town crying while witnessing the remarkable talent and passion of individuals within their midst.
  • Additionally, organizing historical tours or walking trails can be an enlightening way to embrace the spirit of International Town Criers Day. These tours can highlight significant places where town criers once plied their trade, providing fascinating insights into local history.
  • Guides can recount stories of famous town criers and their significant contributions, offering a compelling journey through time. This allows participants to visualize the bustling streets and vibrant marketplaces where town criers once roamed, connecting them to the rich tapestry of the past.


On International Town Criers Day, embracing the spirit of traditional communication becomes an engaging and enlightening experience.

By trying out the role of a town crier, individuals can immerse themselves in the past while capturing the attention and curiosity of those around them. Schools and educational institutions can organize visits from town criers, allowing students to learn firsthand about this fascinating practice.

Competitions and interactive activities centered around town crying can celebrate the innate talent and passion within communities. Lastly, through historical tours and walking trails, individuals can trace the footsteps of town criers, forging a deeper connection to their local heritage.

Join in the celebration of International Town Criers Day and discover the power of oral communication that once shaped societies. In conclusion, town criers have played a pivotal role in history, bridging the gap between ruling classes and the common people by delivering news and information.

International Town Criers Day serves as a celebration of this venerable tradition, allowing individuals to step into the shoes of town criers and experience the power of oral communication. By trying out the role of a town crier, arranging visits from town criers, organizing competitions, and exploring historical tours, communities can honor this important practice.

Through these activities, we are reminded of the enduring significance of effective communication and the importance of preserving our shared heritage. So, let us join together on International Town Criers Day to commemorate this extraordinary tradition and celebrate the enduring legacy of town criers.

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