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International Read To Me Day

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Every March 19th

Title: The Power of Reading: Inspiring Literacy and Building Bonds

In a world increasingly dominated by screens and technology, the simple act of reading has never been more important. Whether it’s turning the pages of a cherished storybook or immersing ourselves in a captivating novel, reading has the power to transport us to different worlds, expand our knowledge, and foster important connections.

This article will explore two main topics: the significance of reading to both children and adults, and the history and establishment of International Read To Me Day, a celebration that encourages literacy and the love of reading.

Importance of reading to children and adults

Encouraging adult literacy

In today’s fast-paced society, the ability to read is crucial. However, there are still millions of adults around the world who struggle with literacy.

The lack of reading skills not only hinders personal growth and professional opportunities but also affects one’s self-esteem. Encouraging adult literacy is vital to ensuring individuals can fully participate in society and unlock their true potential.

Benefits of reading to children and adults

Reading is not only enjoyable but also enriching, for both children and adults alike. When parents or caregivers read to children, it fosters an environment of intimacy, closeness, and comfort.

The shared experience of reading strengthens the bond between the reader and the listener, enhancing their relationship. Furthermore, regular exposure to books from a young age improves vocabulary, stimulates creativity, and enhances cognitive development.

History and establishment of International Read To Me Day

Creation of the holiday

International Read To Me Day originated from the efforts of the Child Writes Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging literacy and cultivating a love of reading. Recognizing the adult literacy problem and the importance of early intervention, they sought to emphasize the significance of reading in our lives.

This annual celebration serves as a reminder for parents, educators, and communities to prioritize reading and inspire a passion for books.

Reading practices in the past

In the Victorian times, when formal education was not accessible to all, reading played a central role in society. Elderly people, often with failing eyesight, would lend their services as employed readers.

They would spend hours reading aloud to entertain and educate others. Favorite tales, passed down through generations, provided a source of comfort and entertainment in a time when technology was absent.


Reading has the power to transform lives and communities. By recognizing the importance of reading to both children and adults, we can help bridge the literacy gap and instill a lifelong passion for books.

International Read To Me Day serves as an annual reminder of the significance of reading, bringing people together and fostering a love for stories. So let us embrace the power of reading, making it a cherished part of our lives and passing on this gift to future generations.

Bullet Points:

  • Reading to children and adults fosters intimacy, closeness, and comfort
  • Regular exposure to books improves vocabulary, stimulates creativity, and enhances cognitive development
  • International Read To Me Day celebrates the significance of reading
  • The Child Writes Foundation aims to encourage literacy and a love of reading
  • In the past, elderly people were employed as readers, providing entertainment and education in the absence of formal education.

Celebrating International Read To Me Day

Bedtime reading

Reading a story before bed has become a cherished tradition in many households. Beyond tucking children in and bidding them goodnight, the act of sharing a bedtime story is an opportunity for parents to create lasting memories and establish a strong bond with their little ones.

The quiet moments spent together, nestled under the covers, create an intimate space where both parent and child can embark on an imaginative journey. Bedtime stories serve as a gentle transition from a busy day to a peaceful slumber.

They provide a calming routine, signaling to children that it’s time to wind down and relax. As children listen to the soothing cadence of their parent’s voice, they find solace in the familiarity and predictability of a beloved book.

This sense of security not only aids in falling asleep but also helps build emotional resilience and a sense of comfort. Alongside the emotional benefits, bedtime reading also offers cognitive advantages.

As children follow along with the words on the page, they develop essential language and literacy skills. They expand their vocabulary, learn new words and phrases, and gain a deeper understanding of syntax and grammar.

Additionally, listening to stories enhances comprehension skills, as children learn to follow the narrative thread and make connections between events and characters. Furthermore, bedtime reading fosters communication between parents and children.

It provides an opportunity for dialogue and discussion as children ask questions, share their thoughts, and engage in conversation about the story. Through these interactions, children develop critical thinking skills and learn to express their ideas and feelings.

This open line of communication strengthens the parent-child relationship and creates a safe space for children to explore their own narratives and imagination.

Benefits of reading

Beyond the joy and connection it brings, reading offers a myriad of benefits that extend far beyond childhood. Engaging in regular reading has been linked to maintaining a healthy brain and cognitive function throughout adulthood.

Just as physical exercise keeps our bodies fit, mental exercise through reading keeps our brains sharp and agile. Reading is an exercise for the mind.

It stimulates various regions of the brain and can even increase the density of white matter, which is responsible for communication between different brain regions. This enhanced connectivity improves overall cognitive function, including memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.

Regular readers have been found to have a reduced risk of developing conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, as reading actively engages and nourishes the brain. Furthermore, exposure to diverse literature promotes creativity.

It exposes readers to new ideas, perspectives, and cultures, expanding their worldview and fostering empathy. Reading allows us to step into the shoes of different characters and experience life through their eyes.

This imaginative exercise not only nurtures creativity but also enhances our ability to understand and empathize with others. Reading is also a powerful tool for communication.

It strengthens our language skills, introducing us to new words and ways of expression. A rich vocabulary enables clear and effective communication, enabling us to articulate our thoughts and ideas with precision.

In a time when effective communication is vital in both personal and professional spheres, the ability to express ourselves fluently and eloquently is invaluable. In conclusion, International Read To Me Day is a celebration that holds immense significance.

By encouraging bedtime reading and emphasizing the importance of reading in our daily lives, the holiday fosters strong bonds, expands vocabulary, and promotes communication. Bedtime stories create cherished moments between parents and children, establishing a routine that provides comfort and instills a love for literature.

Meanwhile, the benefits of reading extend beyond childhood, offering cognitive advantages such as maintaining a healthy brain, nurturing creativity, and enhancing communication skills. So let us embrace International Read To Me Day, celebrating the magic of reading and its profound impact on individuals, families, and communities.

Bullet Points:

  • Bedtime reading creates lasting memories and strengthens bonds between parents and children
  • It provides a calming routine, aiding in the transition from a busy day to a peaceful sleep
  • Bedtime stories expand children’s vocabulary, improve language skills, and enhance comprehension
  • Reading before bed fosters open communication, allowing children to express their thoughts and ideas
  • Regular reading in adulthood maintains cognitive function and reduces the risk of developing conditions like Alzheimer’s
  • Exposure to diverse literature nurtures creativity and fosters empathy
  • Reading enhances communication skills, improving our ability to articulate thoughts and ideas effectively.

In conclusion, the importance of reading to both children and adults cannot be overstated.

Bedtime reading builds strong bonds and expands vocabulary, while also promoting communication and emotional resilience. International Read To Me Day celebrates the power of reading, encouraging families to embrace the tradition of sharing stories.

Moreover, reading offers lifelong benefits, maintaining cognitive function, fostering creativity, and enhancing communication skills. Let us recognize the profound impact of reading and make it a cherished part of our lives, passing on the love of literature to future generations.

So grab a book, snuggle up, and embark on an enriching journey together.

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