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International Poke Day

International Poke Day

Date Pattern:

Every September 28th

History of International Poke Day

Poke, derived from the Hawaiian word “to slice or cut,” is a traditional cuisine that revolves around raw fish prepared with various spices and sauces. Initially, poke was similar to sushi, primarily consisting of raw fish, soy sauce, and sesame oil.

Over time, the dish evolved, incorporating influences from other cultures, resulting in unique variations such as Acai bowls and bubble tea.

Celebration of International Poke Day

International Poke Day gained widespread recognition thanks to renowned Hawaiian chef, Sam Choy. He wanted to honor the beloved dish and bring awareness to its rich history.

Choy’s efforts culminated in the creation of the annual I Love Poke festival, which is celebrated in Western Canada, mainland United States, Hawaii, and even the South Pacific. During the festival, participants engage in a friendly poke contest, showcasing their creativity by preparing mouthwatering poke recipes.

These recipes often incorporate innovative ingredients like avocado, ponzu sauce, teriyaki sauce, mushrooms, crispy onions, sriracha, cilantro, pineapple, and cucumber. This contest serves as a testament to the versatility of poke and the endless possibilities for flavor combinations.

How to Celebrate International Poke Day

Ingredients and Preparation of a Delicious Poke Dish

To celebrate International Poke Day, you can create your own poke masterpiece right in your kitchen. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sashimi-grade tuna or any other fresh fish of your choice
  • Soy sauce for seasoning
  • Teriyaki sauce to add a hint of sweetness
  • A dash of sesame oil for richness
  • Minced garlic to enhance the flavors
  • Chopped green onion for a refreshing twist

Refrigerate the prepared poke for a short period to allow the flavors to meld together.

Sharing Your Culinary Adventure on Social Media

In today’s connected world, what better way to celebrate International Poke Day than by sharing your poke creation on social media? Join the global conversation using the hashtag #internationalpokeday and connect with food enthusiasts all over the globe.

Capture the vibrant colors and unique presentation of your dish, providing inspiration for others to join in the celebration.


International Poke Day is a joyous occasion that allows us to appreciate the flavors of Hawaiian cuisine and the cultural heritage behind it.

Whether you participate in an I Love Poke festival or prepare your own poke dish at home, this annual celebration offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of flavors and combinations that make poke so special. So, gather your loved ones, embrace the spirit of International Poke Day, and savor the delightful tastes that this beloved dish has to offer.

International Poke Day celebrates the rich history and flavors of poke, a traditional Hawaiian cuisine that has captivated the world. This annual event highlights the diversity and creativity of poke recipes, and the I Love Poke festival serves as a platform for showcasing these mouthwatering creations.

By exploring the ingredients and preparation of poke dishes, individuals can participate in International Poke Day festivities from the comfort of their own homes. Sharing these experiences on social media further connects poke enthusiasts across the globe.

International Poke Day invites us to appreciate and celebrate the cultural significance and deliciousness of this beloved dish, leaving a lasting impression of unity and culinary delight.

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