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Cornish Pasty Week

The True Cornish Way to Eat a PastyCornish pasties are a beloved culinary tradition in Cornwall, England. These delicious baked goods have a rich history and a unique way of eating them that is considered the “true Cornish way.” In this article, we will explore the correct way to consume a pasty and understand the origins and purpose of Cornish Pasty Week.

The True Cornish Way to Eat a Pasty

Correct way to consume a pasty

When it comes to eating a pasty, the Cornish have their own set of rules. Here’s the true Cornish way:


Hold it correctly:

Start by grasping the pasty with your hands, holding it by the crimped crust. The crimped edge is the handle that allows you to eat the pasty without getting your hands messy.

2. Bite from the opposite end:

Take a bite from the opposite end of the pasty, furthest away from the handle.

By doing so, you ensure that the filling is evenly distributed, making each bite a delightful combination of flavors. 3.

The uneaten end:

Once you have enjoyed the delicious filling down to the crimped edge, you are left with an uneaten end. This end should not be wasted; it is considered the rightful owner’s privilege.

Many believe that it brings good luck to the person who ate the majority of the pasty. 4.

Taking another person’s “corner”:

Under no circumstances should you take another person’s “corner” of the pasty. It is seen as a breach of pasty-eating etiquette and is generally frowned upon.

So, be sure to enjoy your pasty fully without encroaching on someone else’s culinary territory.

History of Cornish Pasty Week

Origin and purpose of Cornish pasties

Cornish pasties have a long and storied history. Originating in Cornwall in the 19th century, these savory pastries were initially popular among the local miners who needed a hearty lunch that could be easily transported and eaten in the mines.

The unique feature of Cornish pasties lies in their thick crust, which provided insulation for the warm contents. This allowed the miners to enjoy a hot meal, even hours after the pasties were made.

The pasty’s design also prevented the filling from getting contaminated by the miners’ dirty hands. The original pasties were filled with savory meat, typically beef, diced potatoes, turnips, and onions.

However, in recent years, sweet fillings, such as jam or fruit, have also gained popularity.

Creation of Cornish Pasty Week

Cornish Pasty Week is a celebration of the history and distinctiveness of the Cornish pasty. It was created by the Cornish Pasties Association to honor this beloved culinary delight and its impact on the region.

During Cornish Pasty Week, various events are organized to celebrate the pasty. These include competitions for the best pasty, pasty-making demonstrations, and even pasty-themed art exhibitions.

The week-long festivities attract both locals and tourists, providing an opportunity to indulge in this iconic Cornish dish. Cornish Pasty Week has been a resounding success, drawing attention to Cornwall’s rich culinary heritage and promoting local businesses that specialize in pasty production.

It has become a highlight of the calendar, eagerly awaited by both locals and tourists alike. Conclusion:

Throughout this article, we have explored the true Cornish way to eat a pasty and delved into the history of Cornish Pasty Week.

The correct way to eat a pasty ensures an optimal distribution of flavors, while Cornish Pasty Week celebrates the unique heritage and distinctiveness of the Cornish pasty. So, next time you have the pleasure of enjoying a pasty, remember to follow the Cornish way, and perhaps join in the festivities of Cornish Pasty Week.

How to Celebrate Cornish Pasty Week

How to Celebrate Cornish Pasty Week

Finding and sharing recipes

One of the best ways to celebrate Cornish Pasty Week is by exploring different recipes and trying your hand at making your own pasties. With advancements in technology, finding recipes has become easier than ever before.

A quick online search will yield countless variations of the perfect Cornish pasty recipe to suit your taste preferences. To make the celebration even more special, consider sharing these recipes with your loved ones.

Whether it’s giving the recipe to your kids so they can join in the kitchen and learn the art of pasty-making, or passing it along to your spouse to surprise them with a homemade meal, sharing the joy of making and enjoying pasties can create lasting memories. In addition, if you work in an office setting, why not share the recipe with your coworkers as part of a special campaign event during Cornish Pasty Week?

This can be a fun and unique bonding experience, allowing you to connect over a shared love for this iconic dish.

Social media promotion

In today’s digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for sharing and celebrating special occasions. Cornish Pasty Week is no exception.

To spread the word and let your friends and followers know about your participation in this holiday, utilize social media platforms and the power of hashtags. Create posts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, showcasing your pasty-making journey and the delicious creations you come up with.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CornishPastyWeek to join the larger conversation and connect with fellow pasty enthusiasts from around the world. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even host a virtual pasty-making party by inviting friends and family to join you on video calls while simultaneously making pasties in their own kitchens.

This can be a fantastic way to bond and share the joy of pasty-making, even if you are physically apart. Furthermore, social media platforms can also be a great resource for finding additional recipes and inspiration.

There are numerous groups and pages dedicated to sharing tips, tricks, and variations on the classic Cornish pasty. Joining these communities can provide a wealth of information and insights from experienced pasty makers, further enhancing your Cornish Pasty Week celebrations.

So, whether you choose to share recipes with loved ones or make use of social media to showcase your pasty-making prowess, embracing technology as a way to celebrate Cornish Pasty Week can create a fun and engaging experience for all involved. In conclusion, Cornish Pasty Week is a time to celebrate and indulge in the rich history and unique flavors of Cornish pasties.

By finding and sharing recipes, you can spread the joy of this culinary tradition with your loved ones, while social media promotion allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and join the wider conversation surrounding this holiday. So, put on your apron, sharpen your knives, and get ready to celebrate Cornish Pasty Week in style, one delectable pasty at a time.

In conclusion, Cornish Pasty Week offers a wonderful opportunity to embrace the traditions and flavors of Cornwall. By following the true Cornish way to eat a pasty and exploring the history of this iconic dish, we can appreciate the cultural significance it holds.

Additionally, celebrating Cornish Pasty Week through recipe-sharing and social media promotion allows us to connect with others and create lasting memories. So, whether you’re a seasoned pasty enthusiast or new to this culinary delight, let Cornish Pasty Week serve as a reminder to savor the simple pleasures and the joy of coming together through food.

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